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A fully Mig welded, multi-corner single/two joint construction makes the body from total 7mm of tested quality M.S. plate. All 5 sides and the door of the safe are armored with a specially formulated barrier material which is encased between strong outer and inner steel body to withstand the attacks of sledgehammers, power drill and chisel, impact of a fall from upper floors. The overall body thickness on all 5 sides is 100 mm (approx.) including barrier materials which offers fire as well as burglar resistance as per IS: 550 (2005).


Each locker is fitted with high quality first class unpickable dual control 7 leave key lock. These locks are self locking so that the custodian does not have to re-lock the locker with his key after the customer has locked it. The mechanism of the lock is such that the customer shall not be able to withdraw his key unless the locker has been re-locked fully. Once the customer has locked the locker, the same cannot be opened unless the custodian turns in his key to take off his control. We can also provide personal lock known as ‘renter lock’ from inside for total protection and customer retains the key. Over all pad locking system can also be provided so that customer can use his own padlock for more confidence.


A standard feature on all models of safe, this sensitive device is triggered-of when an attack is attempted on the lock through the keyhole with any instrument. This automatic re-locking device guards all the key locks.


The locking mechanism is operated by a handle in the front and controlled by superior quality, dual control, and high precision 10 levers locks. These locks are unpickable and only the original keys will open them.


Additional dual control lock can be fitted on various models. Keyless numerical 3 or 4-wheel combination lock, offers a choice of nearly million combinations for setting and resetting. The dial of the lock can be made inoperative by locking it for extra security. Time lock can be fitted; imported superior quality electronic / mechanical UL listed lock with multiple clock movements.


All steel components are thoroughly cleaned from rust, mill scale, dust, dirt etc. and treated for anti-rusting, followed immediately by coats of high quality zinc chromate primer. Then the safe is given successive under coats and finally a finish coat.

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Counter safe

All variations

SR Model No. Outer Dimension Inner Dimension Weight kg(Approx)
1 S 30 DD 30" x 36" x 24" 23" x 29" x 14" 600
2 S 30 DD 30" x 48" x 24" 23" x 41" x 14" 800
3 S 30 3D 30" x 60" x 24" 23" x 53" x 14" 1000
4 S 30 4D 30" x 72" x 24" 23" x 62" x 14" 1200

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